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Where is the serial number located?
1) The 12-digit SN number is usually on the bottom of your projector 2) Or you can find it in system info: System Settings - System Information - Serial Number
Can I switch to the global version if I have a Chinese projector?
For a more convenient and better user experience, we have a global version for overseas customers. This system is completely different from the Chinese version. To avoid any possible compatibility issues, booting issues or system crashes, please don't switch the firmware between these two versions. XGIMI is not liable for the above issues.
How large can XGIMI project?
The projection ratio is the ratio of the distance between the lens and the screen and the screen size; when the distance between the lens and the screen is the same, the smaller the projection ratio, the larger the projection screen. 254 cm to 3 meters. H2: 1.2: 1 (30-300 '') Z6: 1.2: 1 (30-180 '') MoGo Series: 1.2: 1 (30-100 + ''), Halo: 1.2: 1 (30-300'')
Remote Control
How to pair with the Bluetooth remote control?
Place the remote control within 10 cm of the device, press the “return” and “home” buttons on the remote control at the same time, release buttons when the indicator light flashes continuously. After hearing a “ding” sound, pairing is successful. If pairing fails, exit pairing mode and wait 30 seconds before following the above steps to pair again.
Does the XGIMI Assistant App feature a remote control function?
Yes, it does. The XGIMI Assistant app can work as an alternative remote control, it also features a number of additional useful functions. Step 1: Download XGIMI Assistant on your phone Step 2: Connect your projector to the same Wi-Fi signal as your phone Step 3: Open the XGIMI app on your projector to search for the closest device or scan​ the QR code on your projector.
Can I sideload Android apps onto my XGIMI projector?
Yes, you can download the APK from the Internet and install them via a USB drive: 1. Change the APK suffix to Apk.1 on your computer: e.g. change youtube.apk to youtube.apk.1 P.S.: The suffix limitation will be removed soon, and you will no longer have to change the suffix. 2. Copy the APK to the root directory of the U-disk. 3. Plug the USB into your projector: "File Manager" - "Removable Storage" - "APK " short press ok - choose "Others" - open with "package installer" - "install".
Will the software be supported/updated?
Yes, there will be continuous support and optimization from the XGIMI tech team.
Can I connect my external speakers to XGIMI?
Yes, you can connect your external speakers to XGIMI via HDMI (arc), Bluetooth and AUX jack
Can I mirror the screen of my device on XGIMI?
Yes, there are many ways for you to stream content from your device to XGIMI projectors. 1. With Wi-Fi, make sure your device and XGIMI projector are connected to the same Wi-Fi, then mirror the device via Airplay, DLNA, XGIMI Assistant (Android device), Miracast; 2. Without Wi-Fi, turn on the hotspot function (H2/Z6), connect your device with the XGIMI hotspot in the Wi-Fi settings for your device. Then mirror the device via methods mentioned in 1; 3. Wired: HDMI;
Will XGIMI projectors work with other external devices like hard drives, laptops, TV boxes and PS4s?
Yes, you can connect them to your XGIMI projector via the USB or HDMI port.
Do XGIMI projectors support auto-focus?
Yes! Both auto and manual focus are available. Auto-focus: 1- Switch the function key on the remote control to the right, the device will automatically focus. 2- Turn on "Auto focus when power on" and the device will automatically be focused when turned on. Manual-focus: Switch the function key on the remote control to the right, press the +/- button to manually adjust the focus.
Do XGIMI projectors support keystone correction?
Yes! Both vertical keystone correction and horizontal keystone correction are supported.
Do XGIMI projectors have an MEMC (Motion Compensation) function?
Yes! Our products use motion compensation technology through a specific algorithm to solve image flutter and tailing problems when projecting high dynamic images. It significantly increases the clarity and fidelity of dynamic pictures; it will be the perfect companion for watching sports and playing games.
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What's your warranty policy?
We currently offer a one-year warranty period for projectors bought directly from XGIMI or from XGIMI official stores. Please contact us via email for more details on the warranty process: For projectors bought from authorized resellers, please contact the relevant sales channels for further steps.
How do I register my projector to get the warranty?
Every projector is required to be registered after being activated, customers get one-year warranty for projectors from the day of activation. Register link:
How do I get my projector repaired within warranty?
Within one-year warranty, XGIMI is liable for maintenance services. Please contact us with the below verified information for further checks: 1. 12-digit serial number 2. Purchasing platform and date 3. Detailed problem description
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