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Simple yet marvelous
Z6 Polar upholds the concept of less is more — it goes well with any home design. Each feature has been refined to create the utmost elegance; the nest-shaped sound cavity not only assists with sound output but ensures the fan operates silently.
Live minimal Need less Have more
Every big choice you made towards life defines who you are, Z6 Polar 1080p Screenless TV simplifies your life but creates more fun. If you are not sure about what do you want, a good movie may give the answer.
Award-Winning Design
XGIMI is devoted to providing innovative products with outstanding quality for great value. Our efforts have gained strong recognition in the industry and among our millions of users. In the last 5 years, XGIMI has won 21 authoritative international design and innovation awards.
*XGIMI products have been recognized by the above awards
Screen the walls
Z6 Polar can project onto a 180-inch screen with full HD using DLP optical projection technology from Texas Instruments. It is capable of bringing the ultimate viewing experience to your bedroom.
Reveal every detail
Unlike other projectors that only support up to 1080p, the Z6 Polar's real resolution is 1920x1080, projecting in true HD — 2.25x clearer than mainstream 720p projectors (2,073,600 pixels). Motion compensation technology HDR 10 / 27 PET / Square Pixel Structure.
Activate your ear for music
Z6 Polar has a top of the line Harman/Kardon customized stereo, providing vibrant, accurate, theater-quality sound
It's up to you
Z6 Polar is built with extensive keystone correction software, which provides users with an optimal image from virtually any angle and eliminates many of the hassles of creating the optimal set-up.
Because life is colorful
By adopting the Four Channels Optical Path Design, Z6 Polar can provide incredible image color and an unparalleled viewing experience.
Foresee what’s next
Z6 Polar uses motion compensation technology, projecting higher dynamic range images by way of a specific algorithm which solves image flutter and tailing problems. Z6 Polar significantly increases the clarity and fidelity of dynamic pictures, making it the perfect companion for watching sports and playing games.
without MEMC
with MEMC
Effortless Clarity
Z6 Polar comes with a built-in rapid auto-focus function and professional high-definition camera — the image becomes automatically focused upon turning on the projector instead of via manual operation.
See the difference
Z6 supports HDR 10 decoding in order to solve low-contrast problems. It presents a wider color range and more detail in bright and dark areas.
HDR 10
Unparalleled eye care
After a long day at work, enjoy a relaxing movie without further tiring your eyes. DRI technology provides extra eye protection by helping your eyes to avoid direct light exposure. Don’t worry about watching for too long.
Touch what your see
Z6 Polar introduces active shutter 3D vision technology, bringing you an authentic viewing experience when you play any video in 2D or 3D mode.