About Us
Who We Are
We are a young and energetic team, formed by a group of experienced R&D engineers and marketing elites.
What We Do
XGIMI designs and manufactures high-performance multi-functional smart projectors and laser TV and is determined to improve viewers' audio-visual experience. XGIMI has created a series of giant screen projection products with critical partners like Harman/Kardon, Texas Instrument, Baidu, and Google. Back in 2014, when XGIMI launched its first generation smart projector, it caused a stir in the projector industry due to its innovative product concept and outstanding user experience.
Our Mission
Create the best value giant-screen projection products to the world and bring outstanding home theater to every family, so that everyone can enjoy the charm of giant screens and projection technology.
What We Follow
Along with its development road, XGIMI has been following three basic principles:
Insist on constant innovation to ensure the best products
Focus on a specific field and do it well
Always use cutting-edge technologies
Industry-Recognized Designs
XGIMI is devoted in providing innovative products with outstanding quality and great value. Our efforts were highly recognized by industry and millions of users. In last 5 years, XGIMI has won 21 authoritative international design and innovation awards.
What We Solve
Bulky & heavy volume of large-screen TV
High price of large-screen TV
Bulky and heavy volume of traditional projector
Short lifespan and high maintenance cost of traditional projector
Overheating and noise problems of traditional projector
Separate and complicated home theater setup