Xgimi H1 immersive home projector

Immersive Home Theater That Fits In Your Hands

Total Immersion Entertainment

Everything you need to leave this world behind.

  • True 1080p with 4K support from
    energy-efficient LED light source
  • High-quality bluetooth/wifi 45mm
    Harman/Kardon Hi-Fi speakers
  • 900 Ansi Lumens for a bright, vibrant
    viewing experience

  • Quad-core 1.75GHz CPU
    with 3GB RAM enables smooth,
    seamless operation
  • Allows for massive projections
    (up to 300”) without sacrificing
    visual quality
  • Optical lens supports 3D video and
    perfectly turns 2D file sources to 3D
    (no extra work needed)
xgimi h1 home entertainment projector
  • Long life time
  • 4K support
  • OSRAM illumination
  • TI DLP®

  • Bluetooth
  • Keystone
  •        Mirroring display
    with PC and Smartphone
  • Smartphone control
  • Bluetooth remote
H1 For All
Stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and clips
from Netflix, Hulu and YouTube
Connect with your smartphones and consoles to
enjoy an enhanced gaming experience.
Stream your music using the harman/kardon duo
unit speakers to immerse yourself in
the world of your favorite genre.
H1’s setup and navigation are effortless,
allowing you to focus your full attention
on shining in the workplace.

The Pinnacle of True 1080p Projection

Unlike projectors that only support 1080p, H1's native resolution is 1920x1080 which means
that it projects in true HD, or 2.25x clearer than mainstream 720p projectors.

True High Resolution
Support Force Decode

New Gen High Res Lens

True 1080p full res with physical resolution up
to 1920*1080.Combined with 900 Ansi
Lumens, H1’s performance surpassed the precedented model by 50%.

Super High-Accuracy Zoom/Focus

With accuracy at less than 0.06°,
dynamoelectric focus make setting up H1 effortless.

Harman/kardon Speaker

Partnered with Harman/Kardon
for ebmed speakers that offer
superior sound via duo 45mm speaker units.

Quiet and Long Lasting

Two independent heatsinks - funnel out excess heat

Vibrating Diaphragms for Enhanced Bass Output

Duo 45mm speaker units’ vibrating
plates amplify bass for a full, theater-quality sound experience

Top Quality In Every Component

LED Light Source,
Zero Maintenance

Unlike traditional projectors, H1 utilizes a highly
efficient LED light source, allowing its projec-
tions to stay perfectly crisp, clear and bright for
its entire lifespan - up to 10 years, with 8 hours
of daily use.

Efficient Light Source
Hours Longevity

900 Ansi Lumens
on 300” Display

Brightness Comparison

Our previous model “Z4 Aurora”is a standout in the
However, where Z4 Aurora changed the game,
H1 has been born to revolutionize it.
H1 utilizes 900 Ansi Lumens that eliminates washed-out
colors and
pale imagery, even during the day.

  • H1
  • XGIMI Z4 Aurora
  • Traditional LED
Traditional 50” Display
H1 300” Display

Magnificent 300” Display

H1 is customizable for wherever you are. Now you can turn any location into an
immersive theater that’s easy and portable.

H1 Projects Perfect
High-Res 3D

H1 uses DLP cinema-grade (active shutter 3D imaging)
technology to form lifelike 3D pictures on 300” displays, and
can convert 2D into 3D at the drop of a hat. Say goodbye to
your TV and hello to H1.

Optical Zoom Without Compromising Picture Quality

H1 has an optical zoom function and is able to adjust the size of an image without damaging the
image quality.

Optical Zoom
Projection Rotio

Keystone Correction: H1 Can Be Angled Freely

With its full HD 1080p resolution, high-contrast LED, and Keystone correction system,
H1 projects a crystal clear 300” screen from almost any angle.

Horizontal +/-
Vertical +/-\

H1 x Harman/Kardon
Built-In Harman Kardon Superior Sound Quality

H1’s 45mm harman/kardon duo unit speakers has 50% more vibrant volume improvement (compared to the previous model).
H1 also has 2 bass-enhancement plates, ensuring the quality of all sounds - treble, midrange and bass - are preserved.

45mm speaker unit
Tri-band balance
Professional toning

New High-Performance Processor’s
Speed Will Blow You Away

H1 boasts the brand new Mstar 6A928 TV chip, Cortex A17 structure,
Quadcore 1.75GHz CPU, HEVC/H.265 form 60fps ultra HD 4K decoder and 3GB RAM.
Its high-quality hardware ensures it will meet all of your video, app, and gaming needs.

Performance Boost

The H1 Sleek Remote Is
Full of Surprise Features

Real aluminum textures make the remote sturdy,
while simple commands make the experience of navigating H1 easy and intuitive.

Zoom in/off
Gravity Sensor
Lithium Battery