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XGIMI Active Shutter 3D Glasses
Magnetic clip design turns it into clip-on glasses, myopic people no longer have to bear two pairs of glasses
Designed by XGIMI, Perfectly for All XGIMI Projectors
Active Shutter
It achieves 3D effects by increasing the screen refresh rate and opens your immersive 3D world
Brighter and Clearer
XGIMI glasses combine the STN glass and TN liquid crystal, and the lens size is twice that of ordinary 3D glasses, which provides a bigger vision.
Silicone Holder, Comfortable to Wear
Fit the Contours of the Face, Block the Light
Long Lifespan
How to Clip Lenses to Glasses
Packing List
Product Parameters
Product weight: 37.5g/1.3oz
Battery: 3.7V 80mAh lithium battery
Playtime: 60-hour
Refresh rate: 120Hz
Shutter method: LCD Shutter
Best viewing distance: 2-5 m/6.5-16 ft
Contrast: 1000: 1
Working temperature: 0-45°